Norm of reciprocity

The rule of reciprocity was detailed in Robert Cialdini's bestseller The Psychology of Influence. This is the handbook for professional marketers.

We sincerely recommend reading it to everyone who is in business and is interested in the psychology of sales.

The book describes many statistics and a detailed description of the social tests conducted.

The nature of reciprocity is such that even a completely unnecessary gift, from which they try to get rid of at the first opportunity, nevertheless "works".
Robert Cialdini
Most likely, you have repeatedly observed how the rule of reciprocity works:

  • At charity events, guests are first treated to delicious food and drinks and then invited to make donations. As practice shows, most guests make it.
  • Hare Krishnas first give a flower or a book to a passer-by, and then, according to the rule of reciprocity, he gives them donations. When they started using this rule, the donated amount increased hundreds of times.
  • In the supermarket, you are offered to try a few products, and according to statistics, many of those who try buy this product from the seller who treated them, even if they do not really like it.
  • If a restaurant adds chewing gum or candy to the bill for free, the tip increases. Tested in practice and confirmed by statistics.
That is, people, in return for your kindness, want to thank you and rarely come up with something cleverer than buying your product or service, while not always in dire need of them.
Robert Cialdini
Amway once applied the reciprocity rule to its business, and brought sales to $ 1.5 billion in two years.

Even an unsolicited service engenders an obligation.

One of the main reasons is the unpleasant nature of the feeling of a moral obligation to someone. Most of us don't like to be obligated to anyone. Obligations oppress us, we want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

We propose to use this rule not by giving unnecessary little things, but by sending clients and partners an exclusive and desired gift. After all, many of them have never received coffee directly from the factory and have not inhaled this bright and rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

This gift will delight, and the image of your company in their eyes will rise with the desire to maintain cooperation.

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