Your Coffee Private Label

Coffee Private Label - it is an indicator of success that you can enjoy and redefine yourself using it in marketing
About the Company
Our factory was established in 1994.

Every day we roast coffee from more than 25 countries across the world. We import coffee beans grown only in the mountains.

We roast up to 22 tonnes of coffee monthly.
70% of that volume we roast and pack for our partners.
Our clients are wholesale and small wholesale companies, shops, cafes, offices and supermarkets, including "SKY" and "Cash & Carry".
The customer is the owner of the trademark.
All information about the composition of the product, its cost and production characteristics is confidential.
Coffee is produced under the brand name of a customer and under all of his requirements for the composition, roasting and packaging of the finished product.

Our suppliers from Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland guarantee the authenticity of origin and quality of the coffee beans that we import for production.

Our advantages
  • 26 years of operation
    We roast up to 22 tonnes of coffee per month, and this volume is continuously increasing because we are able to keep the quality of the Private Lines at the same level.
  • You can order from 25 kg
    The only factory in Latvia offering Private coffee lines, even in small volumes.
  • Factory prices
    We buy beans on the largest European exchanges, therefore Prices start at 5 euros per kilogram.
  • We offer coffee beans from 25 countries
    Brazilian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Tanzanian, Ugandan, Divuar, Yemeni, Mexican, Colombian, Indonesian, Costa Rican, Congolese, Vietnamese and so on.
  • Choose from more than 15 flavourings
    Natural theme - nuts, fruits, citrus; sweets - chocolate and caramel notes; complex desserts - the aroma of "Tiramisu", creamy desserts, etc; elite alcohol - cognac, rum, liqueur.
  • A guarantee to maintain the quality of your Private line
    We guarantee that your unique coffee blend will always be the same flavour and colour.
  • We roast coffee on the day of shipment to a client
    A unique opportunity to drink coffee at the peak of its aroma. The peak of coffee aroma from 3 to 14 days after roasting, and then the aroma disappears rapidly.
Your benefits
We are offering a few strategies to develop your company using a private coffee line
Selling coffee under your brand
As we have already mentioned, we roast 70% of the total volume for our partners. Coffee leaves the factory in the original packaging of the customer. You can become our partner and trade your Signature Coffee at your specified strategy and price. From our side, we guarantee:
  • Factory prices;
  • Maintain the quality of your unique blend at the same level;
  • Send only freshly roasted coffee;
  • Free delivery in Latvia for orders over 100 kg;
  • Help with packaging and label design.
Also, if your company is registered in the European Union, but outside Latvia, you are exempt from paying excise tax.
Convert up to 90% of cold clients into loyal ones, whilst making cold calls
A majority of sales managers hate making cold calls. There are some significant reasons for that, which are known to everyone. This unique strategy allows your managers to get a positive response from around 70 to 90% of clients during the first calls and further on. No, these numbers are not exaggerated. This is a turnaround strategy! Your managers will love cold calling and will get as many clients as they can handle. Feeling intrigued? More details about the method can be found here.
Private coffee line to strengthen cooperation with regular customers
A can of freshly roasted coffee with your logo and name on it, which is used in the office of your partners and customers, will put your company one step ahead of your competitors. Your company name will be spoken of in your partners' offices daily. It will be associated with something exclusive and will be important for each employee. This is a sharp psychological trick that does it job invisible for others. But surely increases your company profits by the end of year. You can read more about the strategy here.
Branding - Increasing brand awareness
Having your own coffee line increases the level of trust and adds value to your company in the eyes of customers, employees and even competitors. There is a misconception – that only large corporations, holdings and large companies can own their corporate line of a product.
Solves the question – What to present for your clients during the festive season and Christmas holidays?
Branding costs vary and sometimes are calculated at six figures. We offer a way of increasing your brand awareness directly in the offices of your partners and clients, investing not more than 5 euros per month.
Its own coffee line solves issues of corporate gifts, increasing customer loyalty. Expanding the company's product line under its own brand also works for you.
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What are your bonuses?
  • Lowest price for your coffee blend
  • A successful marketing strategy
  • Significantly increase the weight of your company in the eyes of customers, partners and competitors
  • Solve the question of corporate gifts once and for all
Our certifications
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Factory - Klijēnu ceļs 7c, Jelgava, LV-3002
Warehouse - Ģerāniju iela 5, Rīga, LV-1067
+37126487297; +371 63000865

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