Private coffee line to strengthen cooperation with regular customers

With this strategy, you send your customers a pack of freshly roasted coffee as a gift in a uniquely designed package with your company name on it. High quality coffee, freshly roasted and specially designed for your company.

As you know, most offices buy coffee for their clients and employees. Coffee is an important part of office life. Most people have never tasted freshly roasted coffee. You will give them that opportunity! Coffee lovers will definitely appreciate this.
It is over a cup of coffee that an atmosphere of cooperation is created. It is with it that ideas of development, prospects, new beginnings are discussed. And it is with this drink that employees delight themselves for recharging and vigor during work.
With this strategy, you send a pack of freshly roasted coffee as a gift to the customer every month, or with every purchase, along with the order. As practice shows, coffee lovers in offices drink it more than once a day. That is, they pick up a pack with the name of your company on it. Enjoy the unique taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee over and over again.

Your company name will always be heard in your clients' offices.

And that's great! Perhaps some will even turn to you with a question - where do you buy this special coffee? And there is only one answer - this coffee blend is our Private Label and it is impossible to buy it. We are glad that you appreciated our coffee and will gladly send you another pack as a gift, along with your next order (or without conditions, depending on your marketing strategy).
The rule of reciprocity will also work, which by default is successfully used in many areas of business.
The nature of the rule of reciprocity is such that even a completely unnecessary gift, from which they try to get rid of at the first opportunity, nevertheless "works".

Robert Cialdini
We offer you the opportunity:

  • Create your own coffee line WITHOUT development costs;
  • Take small batches from 25 kg;
  • Always receive freshly roasted coffee;
  • Choice for your signature blend of 25 Arabica varieties and 15 popular flavors;
  • Coffee at factory prices. From 7 EUR / kg *;
  • Free delivery to your warehouse in Latvia for orders over 100 kg.

* - price excluding excise tax and VAT

If your company is registered in the European Union, but outside Latvia, you do not have to pay excise tax.
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