How the method of converting a list of cold customers to loyal ones works
Does your manager hate cold calling?
We understand that this is always stress.
We will make him adore them, and the effectiveness will increase several times!
Don't believe? Let's prove it in practice!
The fact is that people are tired of calls from call centers.

Operators are obsessive with offers of cooperation or purchase of something. They press, use emotionally harsh methods of psychological influence.

- Hello, I'm Masha from "Die But Sell", let's discuss an incredibly beneficial cooperation offer for you.
Sound familiar? And the feeling that Masha will not lag behind for anything?

Yes, people are tired of them.

Even if you consider that the proposal is worthwhile, you don't want to continue the conversation. Well, simply because more often than not it will be an obsessive "steam" of what we do not need.
There are several psychological approaches in the method that we propose
First, your manager does not offer to buy anything on the first call. He asks to taste your exclusive, freshly roasted coffee.

Since people in most cases look for a catch and flaunt the saying about free cheese in a mousetrap, we say that we will never ask to buy this product since it was not created for sale. We have made our own line of coffee exclusively for our friends and partners.
Everything we ask you to give feedback in a nutshell, what is missing (color, foam, sourness, bitterness) for your taste. By doing this, you will help us bring our branded coffee blend to perfection.

People love to be asked for small favors that cost them nothing to do.
Second positive psychological moment:

Everyone loves to receive gifts. Especially those that are really needed and enjoyable. Do you agree?

The question is usually only how to make such a gift with a small budget.

What is this gift that will be appreciated by the majority of clients in different offices and regions?

Pen, calendar, mug with your company logo? This is already such a hackneyed, boring corporate gift that few people please. Moreover, these gifts are not always used for their intended purpose. You've probably met confirmation.
How to make an exclusive gift, at the same time widely loved and used, and even not undermining the company's budget in case of mass adoption?

Your exclusive Coffee Private Label!

  • Original packaging with your logo and slogan;
  • Unique blend of coffee;
  • Beans harvested in the mountains;
And, perhaps, the most important trump card:

  • The company guarantees the delivery of coffee to the client on the day of roasting, directly from the factory.
When the prospect receives the gift, it's time for the third step. The psychological background, long and thoroughly researched by marketers, is the rule of reciprocity.

When you call again, the potential client will be open to dialogue, as the required level of trust will be established. And he will most likely give feedback on the taste of the coffee.

Your manager will thank the client for participating in the testing and promise to send him an improved version as a gift, after revision.

At this point, the client will be talking to your manager on a friendly note.

Only now is the time to ask how he copes with this or that problem that the product or service of your company solves.

Even without starting to cooperate with your company from this moment, the client is transferred from the list of cold clients to the list of loyal ones. It costs a lot. Don't believe me? Ask any sales manager.

Well, those who need your product or service at the moment will become your clients if the sales department works properly.
According to statistics, most people have never tasted freshly roasted coffee.

Why? It's simple:
Factories deal only with wholesale and coffee often makes a long way from the factory to the final consumer through warehouses and shops.

The aroma of coffee loses every day. Sealed packaging does not solve this issue for long. And aromatic freshly roasted coffee has become a luxury item that many do not even dream of today.
You can read more about why it is good to drink freshly roasted coffee.

You will be able to offer your clients and friends this opportunity!
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